Twitter Press (from 2013)

Twitter is a wonderful social media platform where you can connect with friends, make new ones, and share art with your favorite artists and fellow fans. I’ve been using it off and on since 2011/2012, but have been continually using it since 2013.

I took pictures of one of my favorite artists Amanda Palmer at a September show in San Diego back in 2012. In March of 2013 I went to a Women of Writing event in Los Angeles. I showed her the picture. She asked if I could share it with her online. I said yes (of course!). It gave me a reason to return to Twitter.

Now my usage has evolved to sharing my writing, gaming, and travel tweets. You can communicate with other writers, share traveling tips, and (just recently for me) connect with other gamers who live stream on Twitch (another social platform where gamers can stream their favorite games and/or watch other streamers play games).

I don’t know why it took me so long to share this Twitter photo from the digital press. But here it is. Hopefully it will encourage you to keep on plugging into social media whether it is for the social aspect or you need to have a business presence.



About PACMedia

Photography (in general) for over 20 years and digital photography for 10 years. My weapon of choice is Canon 20D for film and digital. My education in this field includes Photography 100 (black and white film development) and Photography 230 (Digital Darkroom).
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